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Captain Instructions

Peterborough Sport and Wellness Center – Bird’s Eye View Floor Plan for OMMP

Please ensure your team has watched the packing video (proper protocol is necessary to ensure that the food bags each receive the prescribed amount of food):

o   4 people for handling the food into bags,

o    2 people to hold the bags under the funnels,

o    4 people for weighing and adjusting the weight of the food bags,

o    2 people for sealing of the bags (each working in tandem with the other, not on their own)

o    4 people for labeling and compacting the bags and then filling boxes

o    Volunteers may be asked to assist where needed for other tasks such as re-filling the food bins, etc.

Shift times for 2020:

Shift 1:  9 am-11:00 am (arrive 30 minutes prior)

Shift 2:  11 am-1:00 pm (arrive 15 mins prior)

Shift 3:  1 pm-3:00 pm (arrive 15 mins prior)

(some volunteer teams from shift 3 will be assigned to tear down the event, clear tables, wash bins, loading of food and equipment onto trucks and trailers etc.)

  • When you arrive at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre, we encourage volunteers to park near the Southeast Entrance. In the main hall, there will be several posted charts indicating Teams, the individuals on the team and their assigned table number.  Please check to see which Team/Table number you have been assigned to. Proceed into ROOM C.
  • Each team member will receive an apron to protect their clothing, hair nets to prevent hair contamination and instructions for proper hand sanitization.  A youth leader, assigned to your team, will escort you into the gymnasium for a team photo then to your assigned table.
  • The organizers will be wearing fluorescent shirts identified with Kids Against Hunger Canada on the front and CREW on the back.  These volunteers are there to assist with any questions or assistance at the event.
  • The required fundraising of $65/person is a minimum needed to cover the costs of packaging the food.  The Team Captain should collect any offline donations raised within the team and hand them in, if possible, prior to the day of the event.
  • Those wishing to support participants can make a donation online here. If your church, group, or business has made a “Group Donation” to OMMP, there may be no need for participants to provide an additional donation, unless they choose to do so.
  • Have a question?  Click here.

Sample Pledge Form

View a sample pledge form – to be used only to keep track of any offline donations received and turned in before event or on day of event.
View Donation Information Card

Event Photos

Everyone is urged and encouraged to take pictures at the event and upload them to the One Million Meals Peterborough Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter accounts using the hashtag #OMMP2020.

One Million Meals Peterborough Facebook page
Josh, co-youth ambassador
Karli, co-youth ambassador