What is the entry fee for each person?

To help meet our fundraising goals, each person is asked to raise a minimum of $160, or $1,600 per team, towards the event. This amount is less than what the real cost is per person covering their 2-hour shift. Therefore, we still have a need for other personal donations and fundraising assistance to help make up for the differences. You will join as an individual or part of a team.  As an individual you are not obligated to make a donation yourself (of course we hope you will), but to fundraise the participant amount from others. Every person who donates to you as part of OMMP will receive an immediate tax receipt from Canada Helps – our fundraising platform provider.

How do I register our Team?

The entire event is organized around teams. The idea is to collaborate with others to form a team and enter as a team. The team must have a responsible adult assigned to organize their team – a Team Captain. The designated Team Captain will create the team online by going to Create a Team for One Million Meals Peterborough 2022. Once you have created a team, you will have access to your back office with many helps.  You will receive a short code URL for your team page that you can share, and there is a section “Team Members” where you can send invites to those you want on your team. Be sure to also download the pdf files provided.

How are Team Donations handled?

  1. Preferably, team members should donate as soon as they join the team. Follow the prompts through the donation procedure and when you get to the box “Assign to a Team” choose the appropriate team name from the drop-down selection.
  1. The Team Captain can collect donations and send a cheque along with the members contact information, for tax receipting purposes (a Pledge Form works and you can use this link: Pledge Form. The cheque should be payable to Kids Against Hunger Canada with a memo indicating “OMMP 2022” and your name as Team Captain. Send the cheque and contact information to Kids Against Hunger Canada, P.O. Box 212, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y8.

How do I register as an individual?

To join as an individual, simply register at the same site. Go to OMMP/Register 

How can I make a Personal donation?

The preferred method for PERSONAL DONATIONS is for you to go to OMMP/Donate

This is designated for the OMMP Fund and will yield an immediate tax receipt.

Another acceptable method is to give by cheque. Your cheque should be made payable to ‘Kids Against Hunger Canada’ and you should note on the cheque that this is for the OMMP 2022 event. Also, what should accompany the cheque is a sheet or Pledge Form that will list your contact information – which is required for us to send you a tax receipt. Cheques are made payable to Kids Against Hunger Canada. Both the cheque and Pledge Form is to go to the charity, Kids Against Hunger Canada, P.O. Box 212 Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y8. To help us in our planning, we would appreciate it if you could email us ahead of time, at info@kahcanada.org, to inform of us how much you are donating and sending in. This will certainly help us in planning & organizing for a successful event.

You may also donate by e-transfer to info@kahcanada.org adding “OMMP 2022” in the comments section of the transfer. Auto-deposit is set up, so no need for a password.

Lastly, you may also bring in a cheque or cash to the event itself. There will be a table-setup area for receiving donations.

What time should we arrive?

If you are participating in the 8:30am shift, please arrive 30 minutes before your shift time. This 30 minutes is preparatory time to: be briefed, to view an introductory video, to get your team together, and to get your aprons, hairnets and gloves. For all other shifts, please arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule. For a sneak preview on how to pack watch MEAL PACKING PROCESS

Where is the event, and what about parking?

While previously we packed at the Wellness Centre, due to covid restrictions we are hosting a smaller event at the Kids Against Hunger Canada Warehouse 649 The Parkway, Unit 5, Peterborough.  Parking is in front of the unit.

At the event, how will our team know where to go?

When you arrive, you will sign our event form, unless you have printed it and signed already. Then our Warehouse Manager, Wayne McConnachie will direct you to the table where you will be packing.

You will sanitize your hands and get your aprons, gloves and hairnets in this room. Of course, a mask is also mandatory. Your team will be assigned a Table Line number (i.e. production line), numbered 1 to 10 for this event.

What are we to bring to the event?

We ask that you do not bring much into the building. Do not bring any food & drink items and do not bring valuables.

Please come in comfortable shoes for the food packing. Come with your smile and have fun!