Your generous sponsorship will be used to offset costs for our event and help us direct even more funds towards our mission, such as:

  • Local Distribution of food
  • International shipping costs
  • Print and Radio Advertising
  • Administration of the OMMP event
We’re offering this sponsorship opportunity to create a variety of benefits and ways you can show your support.

Sponsors Will Receive:

  • recognition on the One Million Meals Peterborough website (for a full year)
  • recognition on all our social media channels
  • recognition on the Kids Against Hunger Canada website for a full year
  • a public message of thanks at the OMMP event on April 6, 2024
  • a plaque of recognition in honour of your sponsorship
  • a tax-deductible receipt

Sign up here to BECOME A SPONSOR!

Call or email today for more information on becoming a sponsor:

705-536-0957 or toll-free 1-888-883-5242 (KAHC)

And if you’d like to create a Packing Team, register here.

Sponsors 2024