What is the entry fee for each person?

To help meet our fundraising goals, each person is asked to raise a minimum of $65, or $1040 per team, towards the event. This amount is less than what the real cost is per person covering their 2 hour shift. Therefore, we still have a need for other personal donations and fundraising assistance to help make up for the differences. If you are on a team and they’ve paid a “team” entry fee, a personal donation is not required, unless you choose to do so.

How do I register our Team?

The entire event is organized around teams. The idea is to collaborate with others to form a team and enter as a team. The team must have a responsible adult assigned to organize their team – a Team Captain. The designated Team Captain will register the team online by going to the OMMP website, OneMillionMealsPeterborough.com. In the top menu, click on ‘Register’. You will be redirected to another fundraising site for registration. Enter your info then click ‘Submit’. Only teams registered before midnight April 2nd will be processed to participate. Make certain to complete all of the necessary required information. Teams will consist of 16 people. The team Captain should be aware of what is expected – on this OMMP website, Captains are to read the info from “Captain’s Corner” (click on the Captain’s Corner tab on the top menu).

How do I register as an individual or family?

If you are unable to enter as a team, simply register at the same site. Go to OneMillionMealsPeterborough.com. In the top menu, click on ‘Register’. Enter your info then click ‘Submit’. Our staff will schedule you (and anyone else you registered) onto an appropriate team. If you want to be a Team Captain, indicate this when registering on the website.

How are Team Donations to be done? 

There are 2 options for team donations:
1. Preferably, team members should go to the OneMillionMealsPeterborough.com website. From the top menu, click on “DONATE”. Then scroll down to section ‘Donate to this Charity Now’. Please indicate in the message box that the donation is for OMMP 2020 and indicate the name of your team captain.  Then click on ‘Continue with my Donation’ and complete the required information. Canada Helps will issue you a receipt.
2. The Team Captain can collect donations and send a cheque along with the members contact information, for tax receipting purposes (a Pledge Form works and you can use this link: 2020 Pledge). The cheque should be payable to Kids Against Hunger Canada with a memo indicating  OMMP 2020 and your name as Team Captain. Send the cheque and contact information to Kids Against Hunger Canada, P.O. Box 212, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y8.

How can I make a Personal donation?

The preferred method for PERSONAL DONATIONS is for you to go to the CanadaHelps website – OneMillionMealsPeterborough.com. From the top menu, click on ‘DONATE’. Then scroll down to section ‘Donate To This Charity Now’. Please indicate in the message box that this donation is for the One Million Meals Peterborough event (OMMP 2020). Then click on ‘Continue with my donation’, and complete further information. Canada Helps will provide you (as an individual) with an appropriate tax receipt.

Another acceptable method is to give by cheque. Your cheque should be made payable to ‘Kids Against Hunger Canada’ and you should note on the cheque that this is for the OMMP 2020 event. Also, what should accompany the cheque is a sheet or Pledge Form that will list your contact information – which is required for us to send you a tax receipt. Cheques are made payable to Kids Against Hunger Canada. Both the cheque and Pledge Form is to go to the charity, Kids Against Hunger Canada, P.O. Box 212 Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y8. To help us in our planning, we would appreciate it if you could email us ahead of time, at info@kahcanada.org, to inform of us how much you are donating and sending in. This will certainly help us in planning & organizing for a successful event.

You may also bring in a cheque or cash to the event itself. There will be a table-setup area for receiving donations.

What time should we arrive?

If you are participating in the 9am shift, please arrive 30 minutes before your shift time. This 30 minutes is preparatory time to: be briefed, to view an introductory video, to get your team together, and to get your aprons, hairnets and gloves. If your shift time is at 11am or 1pm, please arrive 15 minutes before your shift starts. Please visit the “Captain’s Corner” (from the website’s top menu tab) to preview the food-packing video and get other useful information, maps, and forms.

Where is the event, and what about parking?

The Wellness Centre is located at 775 Brealey Drive in Peterborough (south of Lansdowne St). Please consider car-pooling with the members of your team – this will help alleviate parking issues as everyone prefers to park close to the building itself versus alternative parking at the Sir Sanford Fleming parking lot area. Once parked, go to the main southeast entrance of the Wellness Centre. You can view a map of the Wellness Centre layout in “Captain’s Corner”.

At the event, How will our team know where to go?

When you arrive at the main southeast entrance of the Wellness Centre, look for the three rooms (known as rooms A, B, C), which will be on your left, the south side of the building. Please make your way to Room C (closest room to the gymnasiums). In room C, there is an area for coats, and there will be volunteers there to instruct you. One of the first things you want to do is to find your Team Captain. You can view a map of the Wellness Centre layout in “Captain’s Corner”.

You will sanitize your hands and get your aprons, gloves and hairnets in this room. Your team will be assigned a Table Line number (i.e. production line), numbered 1 to 15 for this event. Your Team Captain will inform you accordingly where your table line is. There also will be several CHARTS posted in the Wellness Centre that will have shifts and teams posted for you to view. The Table Lines will be marked and easily identifiable.

From the Rooms, we will instruct your team to enter into the first gymnasium entrance to get your team photo taken. Following the photo, you will be directed to your Table Line accordingly.

What are we to bring to the event?

With a large number of people coming to this event, we ask that you do not bring much into the building. Do not bring things like coffee & doughnuts. No personal food & drink items are allowed into the Food-Packing area (gymnasium). Do not bring valuables.

Please come in comfortable shoes for the food packing. Come with your smile and have fun!

What is the final shift expected to do? Important

Obviously, we want you to enjoy the experience of packing on the food lines, but depending on how fast people actually pack throughout the day and how much money each team has raised (the more raised, the more food can be packed), the final shift may be finished early. This is where we still need your assistance.

There is the big task of washing the equipment afterwards in Rooms A, B, & C. There are tables to be cleaned and disassembled – some will be stored at the facility and some will have to be loaded onto trucks. Signs have to be taken down. Electrical Cords have to be taken up and put away in their proper bins. Floors have to be cleaned. Pallets have to be taken out of the building. Trucks and trailers are to be loaded with boxed food and equipment. There may also be a need for some people to unload the warehouse supplies. We will coordinate all these activities as best as possible, but please be flexible as unforeseen things may play a part. Wayne McConnachie will be the lead coordinator and there will be other crew members there to help assign job duties. Strong people are needed to help with the loading of food & supplies onto trucks and trailers.